Finding the right tutor can be daunting, especially if you’ve already struggled with with your child in the school system. 

I assess for gaps in a students literacy skills (phonemic awareness, alphabet knowledge, fluency, RAN, etc.) using the Acadience Assessment system. I have completed the required training, through Acadience and during my masters, to complete the assessment so that you can be assured that the results are reliable and valid. My assessments determine where the gaps are in his or her literacy skill and knowledge and then create an individualized learning plan can be made to meet your students needs.  I asesss each child I teach regardless if a psyc-ed has been completed so that I have a full and robust learning profile for the student.

I will create a program  based on the latest reading science.  Most importantly I will teach your child using methodologies supported by decades of research.

The younger a child receives remediation the faster and easier they can catch up.

Research shows that students learn best in small groups.  I cap each lesson at 3 students.  Students are grouped together based on age, grade, and level of remediation required.  Lessons are 50 minutes long, and each lesson is summarized and reviewed, which provides the information required to build the next lesson. Lessons are not pre-planned in bulk; they are planned lesson by lesson and often need to be adjusted during the lesson. The ability to quickly and precisely identified an error and repair it properly is what sets a literacy practitioner apart from a tutor.

The science has shown that for remediation to be effective and as efficient as possible four to six session at 50 minutes is required. I strongly urge parents to send their kids for 3-4 sessions per week for 1-2 hours at a time. 

While it is not always possible it is ideal for children to attend during school hours, particularly if they are in grade 3 or younger, as they are tired to learn at the end of a school day.

Children will learn cursive. This is mandatory. Exemptions will be made if it is required. Research has connected fluency and comprehension to children learning cursive so cursive is imbedded into each lesson.

Progress monitoring using the Acadience Reading assessment system will be conducted every 30-40 lessons depending on the child’s progress. Regular monitoring and assessing are built into the lessons.

I send home about 5-15 minutes of daily exercises or homework. It is up to the parents to decide if they want to complete it. The more practice at home, the faster the child catches up and becomes successful at reading and writing.

This is not a quick fix tutoring solution. Direct, explicit and structured literacy remediation can be a slow process because the student is working towards automaticity which takes a great deal of repetition so parents and students must be patient while the student learns the procedures and learns how to connect the audio/visual and kinesthetic systems to read and write successfully. Typically, there is very little growth in the first 10-20 sessions. Usually, around 50-60 hours the  student’s skill and knowledge take off. This is when automaticity starts taking over, and the act of writing and hearing sounds is no longer difficult. Is the child remediated? No, far from it, but one piece of the cognitive load has been lifted.

Initial assessments are $350 and include a written profile and tentative plan.  An assessment must be completed before a student starts working with me.

Students are placed into learning groups according to similar needs and skill-set. 


$70/hr incl. HST

Group Learning


Resource Package


Each child will require a resource package which includes:

  • 1 set of grapheme cards
  • 1 set of phoneme cards, 2 x dictation books
  • 18 x 36 magnetic whiteboard, magnetic grapheme tiles
  • 4″ Zipper Binder with dividers
  • Writing Notebook, Word Study Notebook and an Orthography Notebook
  • A ring of blank cue cards (cards will be added during sessions)
  • 2 folders for carrying materials to and from sessions

Other resources and learning tools will be required as your child progresses. The whiteboard, tiles, phoneme cards and binder stay at Literally Fun Literacy for use during sessions.

Train the Teachers

Hire me for PD Days to come in and speak to teachers about the latest in The Science of Reading and teaching kids with dyslexia or to learn more about English Orthography and Etymology and how to teach using SWI.

Train the Parents

Hire me for a lunch-and-learn corporate event or a parent’s council meeting to learn about the latest in The Science of Reading and teaching kids with Dyslexia/LBLDs or English Orthography and Etymology and how to teach using SWI.

Train your Coaches

Did you know kids with Dyslexia and LDs play sports too? They’re often incredible athletes with strong visual systems! Learn how your organization can optimize coaching time with kids with dyslexia and LBLDs