Welcome! My name is Krista Dobsinai, a literacy and dyslexia specialist. In May 2023, I graduated from Mount St.Joseph University with a Masters in Reading Science, including a Certificate in Dyslexia. The MA Reading Science is currently one of the most well respected Reading Science graduate degrees in Canada and the US. Prior to completing my MA Reading Science, I completed the Orton-Gillingham Foundations and Associate Level courses, including the 100 hour practicum. 

Prior to completeing my MA Reading Science, I completed the Orton-Gillingham Foundations and Associate Level courses, including the 100 hour practicum. I did not apply to the OG Academy for my OG Associate certification as I had been accepted by MSJ and decided to focus my energy and funds on completeing my masters. In addition to my masters, I have also studied the English orthography extensively. I have studied with some great scholars such as Dr. Gina Cooke, Dr. Peter Bowers and Michel Rameau.  

Currently, I am the only practitioner in London and surrounding areas listed on the IDA’s professional directory. To be listed on the IDA’s professional directory each applicant must have completed significant training through one or more of the various institutions verified by the IDA. The professional directory is curated and each applicants credentials are vetted.

My literacy remediation practice focuses on students with language based learning disabilities who struggle to read and write. I work with any student of any age who has struggled to learn to read and write whether or not they have a formal diagnosis of a learning disability. The reading science must align with the linguistic science so I teach the how, what and why of the English orthography without teaching any gimmicks or ‘exceptions’. (e.g. There’s no such thing as a magic <e>)

A child is only half literate if they are only taught to read so my practice focuses on teaching students to read and write. I am an evidence-based practitioner and teach using methodologies and strategies that have been well researched and peer reviewed. As the body of evidence grows and changes so will my practices. We have decades of research showing that a direct and explicit approach yields the best results for teaching students how to read. There is less research in writing however at this time employing a direct and explicit approach is what is recommended.


I have completed Bloom Brainsmarts by Dy. Lynne Kenney. This course provided me the foundation to understand the brain and how an anxious brain functions. I have learned proven and effective strategies for teaching children with learning disabilities, anxiety and ADHD how to manage their anxiety and stress during stressful learning situations so they can take control of their learning experience.

I am a Mindfulness Educator and practitioner, having completed courses through the Mindful School in California. I use mindfulness techniques with my students to help them manage their anxiety, focus and attention during a lesson. 

As part of my ongoing training, I have completed courses on Structured Word Inquiry, Teaching Grammar to Children with Learning Disabilities, Latin and Greek for Orthographers and I’m currently taking “Grammar for Grown-ups” with Dr. Gina Cooke from LEX.